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Honor Guard

FIRE Thin Line Patch



Included with each Thine Line Patch order:

- 1 High Quality 2" x 3" Patch

- 1 Wallet Sized Thank You Card that reads: "Dear Firefighter, Thank you for your Service, your Sacrifice and your Strength. Please accept this as a small token of our appreciation."

Two words. Exponential Impact.

At Sew Strong we strive to promote gratitude. We wanted a way to remind our Firefighters that when times are dark that they are appreciated. We are honored and delighted to be partnering with Honor Guard to offer these excellent patches!

Each Thin Line Patch comes ready to gift. Buy several and keep them in your wallet, purse or EDC ruck to give out on the go. They pair perfectly with our patented Patch Tag so you or your recipient can carry them on their key ring or carabiner.

A small token of gratitude goes a long way when times are tough. Our Firefighters are some of the bravest we have. They run into the flames, the danger and the chaos to rescue and save. They face death and destruction on a daily basis. They and their families sacrifice so that our communities and families can be safe. How will you thank them today?

*Patch Tag Sold Separately

Thin Line Thank You Patches are also available for Law Enforcement Officers(LEO) and Military Members.